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Panic in the City

Dark Comedy, TV Series, International OTT platform, 8 x 50 minutes, multi season

Foreign. Flawed. Female and all set to fail. We handpick the story of unique expat and émigré women on the verge of breakdown yet outwardly strong, focused and fun. It is fiction based entirely on true stories and events. This show deals with the dark comic reality of the places, people, pace and goals in a big city that have the power to make us fall apart. It aims to demystify our panic, to laugh at it, to acknowledge that we are all Femmes-Frustrées – hustling and coping in our own frenzied ways.

Each 8 part season is set in a different bustling metropolis with its own set of delights and triggers – Paris, Mumbai, NewYork, London, Tokyo, and Shanghai.

Season 1 is set in Paris and follows the lives of a Filipino nanny with a Kuwaiti Employer. A barely 17 year old model from Russia who’s been insta-scouted. A successful but broke transgender burlesque dancer from Senegal. And a columnist turned socialite from Mumbai married to an ageing French movie mogul.

The Curse of the Kohinoor

Historical Drama series, International OTT platform, multi season

Based on the bestselling historical book Koh-i-noor – The history of the World’s Most Infamous Diamond by William Dalrymple and Anita Anand (we have the official rights of this book). It is a mammoth international historical project to be dramatized for screen. The story is full of wonder and awe, treachery and bloodshed. The history of the stone spans several centuries and continents and reads like an exotic version of Game of thrones meets The Crown. It involvesridiculous amounts of greed, power, brutality and sex but it also has simple human threads connecting distinctly different people over centuries and fostering uncanny relationships between nobility and businessmen from both sides of the ocean. The canvas is large, the scope is enormous and the story of identity and avarice is more relevant today than ever.

L’hôte Indien

Unscripted Travel show, Indo-French Co-production, French TV / OTT, 5 x 20 minutes

In this 5-part series a well-known French celebrity is hosted in India by an Indian celebrity from the same profession. A film icon, a chef, a royal aristocrat, a fashion designer and a pop star. This show makes India more approachable, accessible and breaks myths. Subsequently, our Indian celebrities are hosted by their French counter parts. The landscape is spectacularly unfamiliar and immense but the connect is personal. Through this professional journey of their much-loved icons, the audience experience a new culture first hand and an incredible unfamiliar country is demystified.

Pondicherry Masala

Rom-Com, TV Film, Indo- French Co-production, French & Tamil

Based on an existing French coffee table book by the same name this is an edgy, rom-com set in the lush coast of South India. Monsieur Florian La Fayette, the handsome, rebellious scion of the prestigious La Fayette-Calabria family, goes missing in India. Has he been kidnapped, is he smitten or has he succumbed to the India Syndrome? A nail-biting adventure follows involving the absconding heir, two female French detectives disguised as men, amega South Indian superstar actress and a spiritual Guru with a following of millions.

Verbal Diarrhoea

Fiction, Comedy, TV series, 18 x 30 mins, Hindi

Between socks, school and lunches the upwardly mobile housewife of tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India are bored to death. A pan-India low budget TV road show for an upcoming, unknown channel is their ticket to change. As the show passes through the small cities – urban, young housewives are invited to participate in a talent show and introduce themselves by talking about their lives. Without intending to the show becomes a supposedly safe venting platform for these women and the stories that come out are bizarre, personal and shocking. Sometimes, the women embellish or make up fantasies to outdo each other. The host and the producer of the road show smell an opportunity to make it big. The time is ripe to be a woman with something to say. They semi exploit the lives of these women by giving the most outrageous and dramatic advise that they then film the outcome of. Based on real anecdotes and incidents.

Mon Papa Indien

Feature / Digital Film, Indo-French Co-production

The back drop is WW1 but this is not a war film, it is the story of a great forbidden, cross cultural romance being rediscovered by a family member through letters a hundred years later.

It is a little known historical fact that 150,000 Indian soldiers were brought on British ships to fight in France and Belgium during the First World War. They were ill-equipped for the cold weather and not fully aware of who or what they were fighting for, yet their acts of bravery and sheer courage in the freezing trenches earned them respect. While the Indian soldiers convalesced on French barns they encountered and admired French women working extremely hard in farms, factories & hospitals in the absence of their men. Romances developed and children were born. These children were shunned and became victims of taboo. A century later a French descendant of one such child retraces her roots to an Indian soldier in Marseilles. Through 100s of letters she discovers an epic love story that thrived against all odds. Based on the documentary Adieu, Mon Soldat Indien.

Le French Fix with Koël

Unscripted Celebrity Show, for Indian viewers, 12 x 20 minutes

What inspires our inspirers? No better place to find creative inspiration than the country of all things chic – France. Koël guides mega Indian influencers through an exclusive French experience curated by and for the celebrity. This is pure, joyful downtime with your favourite icon as they recharge their artistic juices. Imagine Sonam Kapoor as a modern day princess bicycling through the oldest castle in Europe, wine tasting, picnicking and sharing what replenishes her the most and why it’s so crucial for thought provokers to do that or Varun DhawanSkiing down the Alps and then soaking in a hot tub to rejuvenate.

Chutti with Ma

Unscripted TV Show, for Indian viewers, 10 x 20 minutes, Hinglish

The relationship between mothers and daughters is complicated at best but also the deepest. When mothers and daughters start becoming friends it can be magical. We handpick well known mother-daughter duos and get one to organise a precious moment for the other, fulfilling of a long held wish. The audience gets fly on the wall access into how they love, support, fight and chill with each other as we set them physical and emotional challenges through the surprise. we get to know them better by revisiting family albums. We then quiz them about the other and see how well they score.

Mera Entourage

Docuseries, OTT Platform, 6 x 40 mins

This is the very human story of the extremely well traveled staff of our Indian super stars. Two inches away from the limelight they have seen it and lived it all but remain nameless and faceless. This documentary features the jet setting inconspicuous yet essential entourage of our Indian actors. It juxtaposes the exposure to the glamorous life they are privy to and are vicariously living with the humble life they came from. It explores the perils and pressures of being the invisible A-team of an Indian global icon. The stars themselves are seen only in the background and it is not about them or their lives.

Men, Diapers and Kitchens

Unscripted, TV show, Indian OTT, 8 x 20

The Indian man is under pressure to change diapers and through it their image. We get famous Indian men to undertake a traditionally “female” task to please a woman in their life. This could involve a macho man cooking a favourite dish from scratch for his mother or giving his wife/sister the day off by looking after the kids or organising a baby shower for that pregnant best friend.